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Chasing the wake of success – Stressfree Marine’s latest innovation

Melbourne, 27 June, 2018: Adding to their reputation as Australia’s premier winch specialist in the marine space, Stressfree Marine are launching their latest winch incarnation at the 2018 Melbourne International Boat Show this week.  The wakechaser® – a remote-controlled winch for on-the-water rope adjustments in seconds, optimises finding and riding the sweet-spot of the wake.  This revolutionary new product for professional and recreational wakeboarders, water-skiers and water sport enthusiasts is one of the biggest disrupts to the industry in years.

Company founder, and lead over engineering & innovations, Dean Forster, talks of his perspective on creating a game-changing device for water sports “Applying our innovative marine anchor winch technology into the design of a water sports centred winch, has been something we have been working on for over three years.  The inability to make on-the-water adjustments had been a plague of the sport for years – this just felt like logical solution using our proven tech.”

 Before the wakechaser®, wakeboarders, water skiers and tubers would manually adjust and tie-off rope onto a tower while docked.  Adjusting rope lengths for different users was a time-consuming and frustrating activity for the boat operators and riders. With the new wakechaser®, adjustments can be made on-the-water, to suit any rider, making it easier to change riders and change rope length when individual riders are chasing a wake or perfecting a trick.

“Wakeboard riders are particularly enjoying the wakechaser®, as its drum capacity can store up to 100ft (30.5metres) of rope.  Advanced riders often use longer lines – around 85ft – for better tricks and manoeuvrability, while we’re also seeing beginners and intermediate riders optimising shorter rope lengths, and then adjusting as they build confidence.  It’s great to be behind a tool that works for pros and recreational users” says Manager, Jay Forster.

The wakechaser® solves another headache in the wakeboarding, water-skiing and water sports world – the issue of manual rope pull-in and tangled rope in the boat while on the water.  The fully automated remote-controlled winch mechanism simplifies water sports for riders, boat operators and observers.

Retrofitting to any boat tower, the trademarked and registered design of the wakechaser®- looks to be the latest ‘must-have’ for 2018 and beyond.  Boat builders across the country who were privileged to gain exclusive access before the Melbourne International Boat Show launch, are already considering integration of the product into future builds, while the exclusive set of end-users and boat dealers who have seen the product are eager for Thursday’s launch as the product is adaptable for older boats too.

With the growing excitement across the marine and water sports scene around this innovative new product, the Stressfree Marine team are also enjoying shining a spotlight on quality Australian manufacturing “I’m paraphrasing here, but I think it was Peter Drucker who famously said something along the lines of ‘innovate or die’” says Dean. “As a proud Australian manufacturer, we remind ourselves of this constantly to ensure we stay competitive and relevant in constantly changing local and global markets.”

With their track record of over 20 years of winch engineering success, the wakechaser® is definitely worth keeping an eye out for as it revolutionises water sports here and abroad. 













About Stressfree Marine


Stressfree Marine is Australia’s premier winch and marine equipment manufacturer. Based in Lonsdale, South Australia we have grown our premium winch and accessories business to serve local, national and international boat builders and boat owners.

We specialise in building anchor, trailer and water sport winches using premium materials for faster, safer and more reliable operations, in addition to custom winch solutions and accessories.

All of Stressfree Marine’s winches and equipment are designed with our customers in mind – they are user friendly and comply with international standards to give you peace of mind.

We are recognized nationally and globally as a premium winch manufacturer – we are proud to partner with a range of boat builders to deliver the ultimate boating experience.

For over 20 years – Stressfree Marine remains proudly Australian made, owned and operated.



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Email Enquiries

  • I am writing… to congratulate and thank you most sincerely for the outstanding customer service and your commitment to maintain the highest standards in product quality.

    (We) have been happily using your anchor for many years now and your most recent assistance during the servicing and upgrading of our three units has further reinforced our confidence in your products and respect for your people.

    Peter Bailey and Steve Johnson
  • I have sworn by this winch thus far and it was a must have unit on my vessel.

    Alex Tindall
  • The good people at Streaker Boats had one of your winches fitted to their boats on display at the Melbourne Boat Show, and I was impressed. I will be recommending Stressfree.

    Graham Simester
  • I chose a Stressfree from my knowledge of other competitor’s products from working in the boating industry, but also after much research on the internet and several boat shows to look at comparisons.  I am extremely happy with my new winch and would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing one, to speak to the team at Stressfree.  They build a great Aussie product that is better than the rest!! Support great Australians.

    Phil Dudley
  • When making the decision to purchase an anchor winch I had choice. The quality and performance is exceptional. For the past 4 years our Stressfree winch has been totally stress-free. It has never missed a beat and made anchor retrieval so easy.

    When I renew my boat in about 12 months’ time I will not consider any other product when it comes to boat winches. Great product, great backup service. Thanks to you and your team. Now time to go fishing ….

    Jim Tanner
  • No wonder Stressfree is number one in your field, when you can provide backup service like you have.

    Graeme McKinnell
  • I recently purchased a Stressfree NG Series Freefall anchor winch on my Northbank boat, and would like to express my congratulations for the professional and expert advice received from all your staff.

    The user handbook along with the labelling of the wiring loom made installation so easy. I would not hesitate to recommend Stressfree to anyone seeking to buy an anchor winch.

    Tony Gepp
  • Congratulations and many thanks to the team at Stressfree for a great product but equally for their fantastic after sales support!

    Phil Dudley
  • The winch works a treat. I would not hesitate recommending a Stressfree winch to anyone looking to replace or fitting on a new boat. I have the same winch on one of my other boats and will possible look  at re-building my old winch to fit to another boat I own.

    Darren Smedley
  • You guys are the BEST – always give 100% – great Aussie service – pity more businesses didn’t have the same ethics.

    Jose Legge
  • Thank you so much. The support offered over the phone (on Christmas Day!) allowed us to problem solve quickly, identify the problem and repair. I hope you share this because we will relay this sentiment to our friends and members of the fishing club regarding your friendliness, professionalism and fantastic customer support.

    Con and Sebastian
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