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Pro-series Guards

The Pro-series stainless steel guards are polished to a mirror finish and fitted between the drum and the frame to eliminate any risk of an entrapment caused by an overrun. The guards make a great visual statement, and are available to fit on new and/or after market purchases.

Wireless Remote

The wireless remote is a small hand held device, used for operating the controls of your winch, simply by activating the switch. Our Wireless Remotes have a range of 164ft /  50 meters. This hand held device is fully water proof, can be hand operated or attached to a lanyard.

Rope and Chain Guides

If you are installing a Stressfree Marine anchor winch into the anchor well, we recommend a Rope and Chain Guide for ease of use.  This can be placed in front of the hatch opening.

Rope and Chain Guide options available:

  • 4” anchor roller
  • 6” anchor roller
  • Hawse pipe

Anchor Rollers

Consider an Anchor Roller for a stress-free way to drop and weigh your anchor to reduce friction and impact on your boat’s surfaces. Our Anchor Rollers stops scuffing on the boat as the

rope and chain tracks down from your bow sprit to spool on and off each side of the drum

Anchor Roller options available:

  • 4” Anchor Roller – suits most situations
  • 6” Anchor Roller – for boats where the distance between the hatch opening and the edge of the Stress Free drum is less than 8inches / 200mm

Hawse Pipe

Consider a Stressfree Marine Hawse Pipe to centre the line from the bow of the boat to the centre of the drum when:

  • When your hatch opening is off centre
  • When there is no access point to the drum
  • When there is no hatch

Our Hawse Pipes are made from highly polished stainless steel tube, with a flared entry and a 30 degree bend that will suit most boats.

Anchor Swivel

The Stressfree Marine Anchor Swivel rotates 360 degrees and takes the twists out of the rope so your anchor can right itself to lock into the bow sprit.

Anchor Swivel options available:

  • Small rated to 1874 lbs / 850 kgs
  • Large rated to 2755 lbs / 1250 kgs

Wiring Looms

The Stressfree Marine ready-to-use Wiring Loom is set up, labelled, lugged and ready for plug in.

Rope Kits

We offer a range of Rope kits to suit each of the Stressfree Marine winches.  Our Rope Kits come completely spliced and ready to spool onto the drum.  The following Rope Strength Comparison Table can help you to determine the best option, based on load size.

Rope Strength Comparison Table – Break Load (approx.)

Rope Diameter Silver 3-Strand Nylon Double Braid
0.24” / 6mm 727 lbs / 330 kg 1653 lbs / 750 kg* 2204 lbs / 1000 kg*
0.31” / 8mm 1190 lbs / 540 kg 2976 lbs / 1350 kg* 0 / 1600 kg*
0.39” / 10mm 1741 lbs / 790 kg 4585 lbs / 2080 kg* 4188 lbs / 1900 kg
0.47” / 12mm 2403 lbs / 1090 kg 6613 lbs / 3000 kg* 5732 lbs / 2600 kg
0.55” / 14mm 2976 lbs / 1350 kg 9038 lbs / 4100 kg* 6613 lbs / 3000 kg

*Manufacturer’s recommendation: 3-Strand Nylon or Double Braid

Chain Sock

A Stressfree Marine Chain Sock is a great way to minimise noise from your chain as it goes through the bow spirit, when fishing in shallow water.

Silver Rope

0.39” / 10mm or larger diameter silver is commonly used for anchorage particularly if manually pulling up the anchor as the larger diameter rope is kinder on the hands. With the advantage of an electric winch, you no longer have to manually handle the rope, therefore smaller diameter can be used. As you can see from the table above, the 0.39” / 10mm Silver has a breaking strain of 1741 lbs / 790 kg which is less than the 2204 lbs / 1000 kg break strain of 0.24” / 6mm double braid.

Double braid or braided ropes have become very popular.  This rope is very strong, durable, lays well on our anchor winches, but on the flip side has no stretch and is not easy to splice.  To overcome this, Stressfree Marine braided ropes are eye spliced to a 5.47yd / 5 meter length of 3 strand nylon then the chain. Not only does this add stretch, it also takes the shock out of the rope and acts as a sacrificial rope which over time will wear and the 3 strand nylon can be easily spliced and replaced.

Super braid and spectra kits are also available. These are not off the shelf items, however they can be custom made to meet your requirements. See table above for break strain.

A swivel is always recommended between the chain and anchor. This will assist to take the twist out of the rope on retrieval of the anchor.

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