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Stress Free Marine Pty Ltd (Stress Free Marine) is aware of a “Drum Winch Shootout” video, which has been uploaded on a number of on-line forums.


Stress Free Marine welcomes all fair and reasonable scrutiny and comparison of its products.


We strongly believe, however, that customers should have a “full picture”, so that they can make the best decision about “real world” performance, durability and value.


We have concerns about the way in which the “Drum Winch Shootout” was designed and undertaken, and the way in which it has been reported and described in some forums.


In particular, we are concerned by any suggestions that the testing regime was “independently designed”.  We also don’t agree that the tests conducted provide a complete or accurate measurement or assessment of “real world” performance or durability.


Stress Free Marine is continuing its investigations in the matter, and may make further statements in future.


In the meantime, and for transparency for the consumer, the following points are important to bear in mind:


  • Melbourne Testing Services Pty Ltd (MTS) undertook the testing. We understand that MTS was instructed by its client (Lone Star Marine) on which models of winch it was to test, and on the design of the tests to be undertaken.


  • To our understanding, MTS does not say that the tests were, in its opinion or assessment, the best or most appropriate for assessing “real world” performance and durability.


  • The video does not make clear that some marine drum winches (including Stress Free Marine’s “Mini 50 Standard” model) are designed to “cut out” well before reaching their theoretical maximum “pull weight”, to ensure longevity, and as a safety feature to prevent accidental vessel submersion.


  • The video appears to justify the selection of the winch models on the basis of manufacturers’ recommendations for 6 metre vessels. It does not explain, for example, that Stress Free Marine offers a variety of winch configurations recommended for the same vessel size, each of which has different features and benefits (including the option of a 1,400W motor, in contrast to the 500W motor in the “Mini 50 Standard” model).


Stress Free Marine prides itself on the performance, value, and durability of all of its products.


We welcome any questions consumers may have in respect of the “Drum Winch Shootout”, or our products (including motor drum winches also fit for use by a 6 metre boat that were not tested by MTS).Winch Test Video Full Statement – Stressfree Marine Pty Ltd

  • I am writing… to congratulate and thank you most sincerely for the outstanding customer service and your commitment to maintain the highest standards in product quality.

    (We) have been happily using your anchor for many years now and your most recent assistance during the servicing and upgrading of our three units has further reinforced our confidence in your products and respect for your people.

    Peter Bailey and Steve Johnson
  • I have sworn by this winch thus far and it was a must have unit on my vessel.

    Alex Tindall
  • The good people at Streaker Boats had one of your winches fitted to their boats on display at the Melbourne Boat Show, and I was impressed. I will be recommending Stressfree.

    Graham Simester
  • I chose a Stressfree from my knowledge of other competitor’s products from working in the boating industry, but also after much research on the internet and several boat shows to look at comparisons.  I am extremely happy with my new winch and would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing one, to speak to the team at Stressfree.  They build a great Aussie product that is better than the rest!! Support great Australians.

    Phil Dudley
  • When making the decision to purchase an anchor winch I had choice. The quality and performance is exceptional. For the past 4 years our Stressfree winch has been totally stress-free. It has never missed a beat and made anchor retrieval so easy.

    When I renew my boat in about 12 months’ time I will not consider any other product when it comes to boat winches. Great product, great backup service. Thanks to you and your team. Now time to go fishing ….

    Jim Tanner
  • No wonder Stressfree is number one in your field, when you can provide backup service like you have.

    Graeme McKinnell
  • I recently purchased a Stressfree NG Series Freefall anchor winch on my Northbank boat, and would like to express my congratulations for the professional and expert advice received from all your staff.

    The user handbook along with the labelling of the wiring loom made installation so easy. I would not hesitate to recommend Stressfree to anyone seeking to buy an anchor winch.

    Tony Gepp
  • Congratulations and many thanks to the team at Stressfree for a great product but equally for their fantastic after sales support!

    Phil Dudley
  • The winch works a treat. I would not hesitate recommending a Stressfree winch to anyone looking to replace or fitting on a new boat. I have the same winch on one of my other boats and will possible look  at re-building my old winch to fit to another boat I own.

    Darren Smedley
  • You guys are the BEST – always give 100% – great Aussie service – pity more businesses didn’t have the same ethics.

    Jose Legge
  • Thank you so much. The support offered over the phone (on Christmas Day!) allowed us to problem solve quickly, identify the problem and repair. I hope you share this because we will relay this sentiment to our friends and members of the fishing club regarding your friendliness, professionalism and fantastic customer support.

    Con and Sebastian
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